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Hey, beautiful people...

I'm Nikki T!

Building a better life and community starts with having the right tools.

Forest Road


Start here if you are looking for self discovery and self awareness

We are going to concentrate on the behaviors and patterns that you keep repeating, and then we are going to devise a plan for implementing more refined patterns and behaviors using the NTE assessment.


Sharing Love & Light in the community

View past events, dance services, mentorship, and motivational speaking in the community.


Find out what beliefs you need to conquer and how!

Because our beliefs are so important, it's a good practice to learn about those that hold us back from living the life we deserve... and conquer them

Come See Nikki T

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Nikki empowers students, clients and her community to reconnect with themselves and reinvent their lives by first meeting them right where they are. As a creative expressionist, she partners with her clients to design road maps that will take them from where they are now to where they want to be. She helps identify the obstacles in unconscious decision-making that produce unproductive patterns, habits and beliefs. Then she helps guide each client in creating a path to rediscover themselves and live the life they truly desire.  Having gone through this process herself many times, she is passionate and prepared to partner with you to make your process easier, clearer and more effective than if you went through it alone.
Nikki is a strong believer in connection and community; we are here to help each other grow and thrive - together.

Work Desk

Read the Blog

Raise your hand if you agree that blogs should be more than just a way to "kill some time." Yes, I'm with you!

This blog highlights awareness through movement and personal development.

Movement Source Event

Dance Life

Each of these companies has given me a space to express the different versions of myself. Whether performing, teaching class, or social dancing to connect with others; I am well versed in the language of movement. My love for the arts birthed 'Dance Improv'  Dance Improv is where creatives come to freestyle and explore various ways to move their bodies, in their specified dance styles. Using random prompts and songs, as a guide, the mover allows themselves to embody the character allowing themselves to be lead by the music.  

  • The Movement Source Modern Dance Company.

  • JTribe Janet Jackson Impersonator Dancer, Arizona & Denver

  • Phoenix Art Museum

  • Brazilian Samba Somaya's INT Samba.

  • Performed Trolley Dance San Diego California & Arizona

  • Guest Performer Raw Artists Showcase Arizona & Los Angeles

  • Sister Moses Chandler Center for the Arts Dance Theatre West

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