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Background & Qualifications

Nikki’s wide array of experience as a teacher, professional dancer, fitness instructor, hair stylist, fashion designer, event planner, business owner and mother have led her down a path where she naturally coaches and guides individuals in pursuing their best selves. 

Throughout her career, she has developed a deep desire to better understand human behavior and help others understand it as well.  Because of this desire, she is currently completing her B.S. in Psychology at Grand Canyon University and is utilizing all that she is learning in her current coaching practice.

As a strong leader in each position she has held, Nikki has honed her skills in effective listening, safely holding space, conflict resolution, providing sound observation and feedback, paying attention to detail and motivating others to navigate through the transitions of life with specific, direct communication. 

She has over 15 years of experience working with and facilitating diverse groups and individuals of all skill levels, backgrounds, abilities and walks of life.  Her unique perspective lends a level of creativity and sensitivity to each client’s needs as well as to group webinars and events.  She holds a core belief that each person is limitless, and she is here to help you break free of your limitations today. 


Book Nikki

Contact her now to sign up for an individual session, a group webinar or to invite her to speak at your upcoming event.

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