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Conquering Limited Beliefs

  • 5Days
  • 5Steps
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We tend to get held back from achieving our goals by the ultimatums we place on ourselves. We get tense and pressured when what we want coincides with our inbuilt ideas of "right." For example, when we see a messy house, we believe we need to clean it. We may have a strong desire to pursue a particular career. But then we turn around and tell ourselves, "I can't do it!" A person who keeps doing what is "right" but sacrifices their desires and passions in exchange has their beliefs holding them back. Most of us give up on our dreams because of our expectations of ourselves. Our internal guidelines lead us in how we spend our money, view our relationships and career choices, and how we spend our free time. Since our beliefs are so important, it's a good practice to learn about those that hold us back from living the life we deserve. So what beliefs do we need to conquer? And what can we do about them? Join the challenge and take a look!

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Conquering Limiting Beliefs 5-Day Challenge Group

Conquering Limiting Beliefs 5-Day Challenge Group

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