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Community Outreach


1 in 9

The founders of 1 in 9, Analyn and Raymond Scott, are advocates for creating hope, and changing the trajectory of Kidney Disease. I have partnered with them to create the "Do You Know" dance challenge to get the word out to raise awareness around kidney disease.


Movement Source

I am reignited by the minds of those I get to connect with. Outreach has always been a huge part of my life. Through the years, I have been involved with Food drives, habitat for humanity, wellness and fitness events with local studios along with outreach through youth programs, church, and The Boys & Girls Club. I work closely with director Mary Anne Herding who founded Movement Source as the resident outreach program facilitator and teacher.

  • Phoenix Day School for the Deaf

  • Hirsch Academy

  • Arizona High School Festival


Zion Institute

The Zion Institute is known for being “The Well”, where residents are met at their point of need to begin a healing journey. The campus offers a variety of services to meet the needs of the community, including therapeutic foster care, behavioral healthcare, human services, resource navigation support and the connection to a Zion ecosystem that includes various providers in multiple fields of service. I have eagerly partnered with Creative Director Brooke Davis for upcoming project to change
the face of the creative arts in Arizona.

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