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Get Me Bodied!

Many may resonate with this title from Beyonce's energetic hit single, from her "B-Day" album, released in 2007. Her video paid homage by remaking a scene, "The rich man's frug" from the 60's classic musical film "The Frug" featuring Bob Fossie.

The music video was all about Queen B and her girls showing up and showing out, as 'THE' full glam squad. They captivate their audience, fascinating them with their poise as they demonstrate the essence of what "Get me Bodied," is all about.

I know you're saying, What does that have to do with me?


Get me bodied, for me, welcomes you to get to know yourself and your body in a deeper way, by getting into your body fully.

Some would even describe this experience as spiritual because of the freeing presence, experienced when letting go of all your inhibitions. At least that's how I feel when I connect with my full alignment, mind, body, and spirit.

When was the last time you turned off the lights, blasted the music, and moved your full body like no one was watching?

Allowing yourself to explore the terrifying, sensual, and playful sides of your humanness, that can only be defined by you.

If you could move your body to awaken stagnant energy would you?

If you could make time to give your body self-care through dance, would you?

Many of us have been told that our bodies are less than perfect and we sometimes conform, to what we think is acceptable to a majority, in order to fit in.

However, that is when I come in, BULLDOZING the narrative that you need to be someone or something other than, who you are.

I find it important to remind women, especially of their greatness, their rights, and their possibilities by creating a solution to allow the hidden jewel within shine through without question.

My monthly event, 'Dance Improv,' was created for dancers, creatives, and enthusiasts, who are ready to show up for themselves and for one another.

This event was intentionally created to allow freedom of movement of all styles in a safe, inclusive, and supportive space welcoming all genders and skill levels for exploration and discovery of movement.

In short, lets "GET BODIED" together with confidence, with ease, and with FLOW!

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